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Terms and Conditions for players Empty Terms and Conditions for players

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Player T & C


A) OOC rule setting, to be followed in a all time manner.

a1) No racist or bias diolog.
a2) No Profanity or slang whatsoever, and no spacing the text to avoid the filter either, since this will only result in heavier punishment.
a3) No spamming with useless texts or spacing to create pointless OOC, this only blocks players view of need to know text by game, (level up info, convosations etc)
a4) No insulting other users or GMs, this will not be tolirated.
a5) Use common sence, make sure to word out correctly requests in a nice and understanding manner.
a6) Absolutly no premoting other BYOND games on the server whatsoever, this will result in very very harsh punishment.
a7) No asking GM's for edits or for benifit over another player, i.e Money, armors etc, whisper or OOC
a8) If someone refuses a fight or request from you, do not keep on going on about it, just drop it and move on.

B) Gaming rules.

b1) Absolutly no bug abusing, if you are curious that you have found one, report it to a GM (Static, Bias, Toxic, Junia, Etc.)
b2) No spam killing a player. (killing them over and over again)
b3) No killing in the safe zone in any sort of way, it is there for a reason for people who want to train in peace.
b4) When you fight in the arena, MAKE SURE TO FINISH THE FIGHT, as if you don't you will bug the arena and prevent other players from making challenges.
b5) If you catch someone else braking the rules, log it, record what happened, or if there is a GM on unaware, tell them ASAP
b6) Have fun!


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