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Post  XvxHotaruxvX on Sun Jun 01, 2014 4:07 am

BYOND Username: XE Silentninja
In-game name: Takahashi Hotaru
Preferred Alias: Hotaru
Most-known Alias: Tre
Age: 16
Location: West Virginia, United States
Sex(M/F): M
Why we should pick you:

I am experienced in being an admin on other, questionably, "successful" games. Inflicted Soulz was my first Byond game which I started in either late-2008 or early-2009. I have a good understanding of the game itself, and the basis of Byond Dragonball Rips whether it be from using admin verbs, seeing the source code, or the sheer number of them I've played. In terms of in-game ability, I've stood with a power at least comparable to Otep, Sonic, and Monster. I know the "regular" players fairly well, making communication much easier.
If in-game vouchers are needed I will provide the following to contact;

In-game Names; (Byond Keys)
Ownage (Uchih sasuke)
Phoenix (Firephoenix4355)
Junia (Demondridri)
Konungur (Arorcar)
Mag (Johto)
Zealth (No currenty Key)
Tsuna (Nova_star7)
Sonic (Sonic r7)

Describe yourself to us:

In-terms of personality. I'm an over-thinker, and somewhat indecisive. As far as administration goes I prefer to be sure on a matter before making any action. On a day-to-day basis I'm not the most agressive admin or the most keen to make action. But what I am is objective. I can't say I'm completely unbiased in every situation, considering nobody can be 100% unbiased if they're in direct and daily communication with the player base.
My main hobbies are gaming and art-related activities. I am still currently a student. While I train on IS I like to play World of Warcraft if I'm not talking, or watching videos of people I'm subscribed to on Youtube, specifically being gaming-related.

Other Thoughts (not required):

Previous Experiences;

Currently Co-Owner, only known person aside from the Owner to reach Administrator Level 7 on Dragonball Supremacy. Admin on there since 2010, 120+ Player count during peak, currently 30-40 player average count. AFK-training game.
(Reference Byond Key: Atol Soldier)

Currently, Supreme Staff Member (3rd Highest Ranking) of Naruto: Eternal Memories. Average player count of approximately 30 daily. Non-AFK, round-based, consistent AFK Checks. Admin on there for approximately 4 months.
(Reference Byond Key: Eternal Memories (Owner) or Deathmall (Co-Owner))

Previously 2nd highest Administrator ranking on Bleach: World Wide Adventures/WWA. Administrator/Iconner for approximately a year. 100+ Player count during peak. Currently 20-30 Average count.
(Reference Byond Key: Zagros5000)

Byond-related abilities:

Able to host through Dream Daemon majority of games with 20-30 players without lag.

Knowledge and understanding of the basics of Dream Maker, and understanding of basic programming.

Mid-level Dream Maker Iconning skills, speed is about average.
The following is an example of a base I made, completely original, holding a bow in all four states.


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