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Post  Lorhig on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:12 am

The basic thing is holding a contest. If done correctly and not abused, it could add some more fun to the game and maybe get some afk players to join in and become more active.

There are many different things to hold a contest for:
1. Series of Questions (First one to answer correctly get a prize)
2. Icon Contest (Players make icons and then the admins or a select group vote on the best one)
3. Battle Tournaments (Host a tournament and the winner gets a prize and the runner up gets a smaller prize)

The prizes could include:
1. Money
2. Levels
3. Training Points
4. Etc..

This could really only be hosted by an admin for the simple fact that players do not have the ability to give these prizes.


GM: What is the capital of the USA?
Player 1: Washington D.C.
Gm: Player 1 Correct answer.
(Rewards player 1 1000 lvls or 5mil gold or something)

This is a rough draft and can be modified.


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Post  The Real Monster on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:18 pm

The only bad idea about this is 1.) Not everyone knows how to code. 2.) 1000 levels is way too much to give out that easily...maybe like 15 like a dragon ball wish after 5 maybe. IF that. 3.) Instead of asking questions about the state capitol, make them about the game or at least about DragonBallZ in general.
The Real Monster
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