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Monster's GM Application. Empty Monster's GM Application.

Post  The Real Monster on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:02 am

BYOND Username: Brianrules254
Preferred Alias: Monster/Portentum
Age: 17
Location: Mulga, Alabama
Sex(M/F): Male
Why we should pick you:

Well, I'd say that I have been playing Inflicted Souls for about 3 to 4 years now, so I know the basic functions and how to help new players make decent characters so they don't decide to rage quit simultaneously. I'm nice, outgoing, online almost ALL of the time except for when I'm at school, which is only 7 hours a day. I have a little bit of experience as a GM on a game called Naruto: Kyuubi's Awakening (which has been off of the byond forum for about 6 years), but I believe that I know the correct criteria to be a dbz GM and how to do the jobs assigned. I would try my best to help find all of the bugs I could. In order to help you fix the game completely so that the players, and yourself, have the maximum fulfillment while playing it.

Describe yourself to us:

I'm, 17(which is stated above), I've played drums for 7 years and I'm still currently playing. I actually care for the opinions of the players on Inflicted Soulz, even if I troll a tad bit(but I believe that everyone has their moments) I live in Alabama and my older brother is Ogmius(A.K.A. Otep), and my younger brother is Soto.

Other Thoughts (not required):

I'm in the process of continuing my iconning, mapping, and coding career. So, if you need any assistance in any of those fields, i could possibly and also enjoy helping you.

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Monster's GM Application. Empty Nope

Post  The Ownage on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:13 am


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